Do you think about Eviolite murkrow? (REAL) dpl 9 meme thread

Time to make the lowest effort post in this thread



This team does not contain Eviolite Murkrow so unfortunately it is not many good

Some assorted quotes from Smogon users who are no doubt rising DOU superstars:



Teambuilding GOAT


- Guess who?


A researcher to rival DaWoblefet


Beeheeyem brace is mindgames


Jus lik me fr


I think skill swap + Slaking should be banned (Posts telling me to not to use this strategy at all will be IGNORED)


This person went on to become an OSDT finalist (hint: not a banned deucer)

More to come later (I will completely forget about this post)

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How could it be a real DPL without the longstanding tradition (2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022) of arbitrarily ranking anime you haven't heard of and eventually fending off negative like ratio shitposters about mediocre anime?

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - tragical magical girls
Ping Pong the Animation - the psychology of competition and its myriad of competitors
Neon Genesis Evangelion - broken teenagers and adults preventing world apocalypse in mech suits

Haikyuu!! - volleyball, improvement, and hype
Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - lesbian theater battle royale
Serial Experiments Lain - esoteric, prescient exploration of identity at the precipice of the Information Age

Revolutionary Girl Utena - to break free from systems of control e.g. gender, sexuality, academia, authority
Girls' Last Tour - two chibi girls traverse a post-apocalyptic wasteland and ruminate on the human condition
Sonny Boy - kaleidoscopic multiversal journey through nihilist adolescence
Bocchi the Rock - socially anxious girl joins a band and makes friends

Bleach - very fashionable battle shounen of epic proportions; its sequel (Thousand Year Blood War) is anything a fan could've ever asked for[/I]
3-gatsu no Lion (March comes in like a lion) - shogi prodigy from a broken household learns how to navigate depression and expectations within his new found family
Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous) - minerals of Theseus
Demon Slayer - the most popular of the new Big Three; lean and fashionable Taisho era battle shounen with elite character designs
Mob Psycho 100 - self-improvement journey of the strongest boy in the world who denies his own telekinetic powers
Princess Connect Re:Dive - colorful cast of adventurers looking for ingredients for the cooking guild
Samurai Champloo - two samurai become bodyguards for a teenage girl in search of the past
Wonder Egg Priority - three girls fight monsters in alternate dimension to bring back the acquaintances they lost to suicide
Little Witch Academia - klutzy human goes to a witch school
JoJo: Diamond Is Unbreakable - the best, funniest, and prettiest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure season
Kill la Kill - the less clothes you wear the stronger you get
THE IDOLM@STER - the definitive idol show
Akudama Drive - ACAB cyberpunk action galore by the Danganronpa writer

Afro Samurai - samurai with afro
Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia - cinematic levels of action
Gal & Dino - lots of vignettes about a dinosaur living in with a fashionable gyaru in Tokyo
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - its alright
Jujutsu Kaisen - dark & grim but decently written demon shounen
Steins;Gate - if you look past the transphobia this actually is a pretty moody sci-fi thriller
One Punch Man - gorgeous adaptation of a gag manga. still doesn't look as good as Yusuke Murata's art

Chainsaw Man - read the manga. it's one of the best manga ever
Dr. Stone - anime-level scientist rebuilds society from the ground up
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure S1 - occasionally entertaining
Food Wars - can anyone explain how this went so wrong so badly? even the manga is like ~100 good chapters and suddenly it plunges into the fucking Nether
Spy x Family - buddy daddies is better

KonoSuba - transphobic and generally unfunny isekai that falls into the same tropes it sought to parody
BunnyGirl-senpai - faux-intellectual urban fantasy that desperately wishes it were Haruhi or Monogatari
Erased - annoying sappy mystery abt an adult going back in time to save a dead girl from a local serial killer
Fate/Zero - peepee pooppoo this is soooo ugly
No Game No Life - people who don't watch anime think anime is like this

My Hero Academia - rife with misogyny, transphobia, abuse apologia, and sexualizing minors. just awful
Attack on Titan - some parts are okay but halfway through it starts making a case that fascism and nationalism are good
Made in Abyss - lolicon torture that parades as meaningful suffering. nah thats just lolicon torture
JoJo Stardust Crusaders - possibly the most annoying anime ever made

Ghost in the Shell - what is identity when the externalization of memories became possible? identities of the information age
Liz and the Blue Bird - best lesbian anime movie ever
Perfect Blue - fragmented identities once you start losing self control
Spirited Away - adolescence as becoming part of a whole; maturation as taking responsibility
Tokyo Godfathers - the modern found family is bestowed a miracle on Christmas Eve
Angel's Egg - a generation haunted by their country's history of war; destruction begets self-destruction
Millennium Actress - a true love letter to cinema

Akira - insane visual cyberpunk masterpiece
Your Name & Weathering With You - makoto shinkai was onto something
Princess Mononoke - don't fuck with the forests
REDLINE - never before has anime maximized its kinetic potential like here
Night Is Short, Walk On Girl - love, joy, and excitement reverberates through communities even if it travels at different speeds

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post relevant memes until the weebs turn it into an anime ranking thread

Lets discuss whats next for Sam in DPL. Here is a depiction of the last 4 years

With the return of Manager SamVGC its time to update the horse

I didnt expect him to get even worse so I wasnt sure how to update the horse

Maybe his last performance (record 0W-2L-3D) was rock bottom or could Chruch go winless again in the expanded format; what do you think?

i'd like to add to the traditional tier list making

Touhou Characters ranked based on their smogon viability
(Extra notes below as to why I ranked certain characters the way I did)

Flandre's ability is banned because being able to instantly destroy an enemy violates OHKO clause. She's ranked ZU otherwise.

Keine's ability to transform into a much stronger version of herself reminds me of Zygarde's situation. Keine-Hakutaku is ubers, while Keine is RU.

Koishi is just straight up AG because she has amazing stats and her Subconcious Manipulation ability, which falls under evasion clause.

Seija's cheating tools, as seen in Touhou 14.3, are definitely banworthy.

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Every DPL 9 manager was asked to rank all teams, excluding their own, from 1 to 7. Teams then received points corresponding to these rankings: the strongest team received 1 point, the second strongest team received 2 points, and so on until the weakest team, which received 7 points. Meaning, the lower a team's point tally the better they were ranked.

1. :serperior: Santalune Storms :serperior: (37 points)
2. :landorus-therian: Browbeat Lands :landorus-therian: (42 points)
3. :spinda: Slateport City Sp_ndas :spinda: (46 points)
4. :iron_bundle: Snowpoint City Cold Crew :iron_bundle: (47 points)
5. :marshadow: Spikemuth Spectral Thieves :marshadow: / :tauros: Tohjo Tramplers :tauros: (48 points)
7. :tinkaton: Paldea Cratermakers :tinkaton: (59 points)
8. :nosepass: Rustboro Baptist Church :nosepass: (65 points)

Assorted manager's commentary:
1. :tauros: Tramplers :tauros:
Really good team with a lot of players I consider high tier. Memo took a risk spending all his money and being left with only 3k picks but the 3k picks don't seem that bad for their value. In order for this team to get #1 they're going to need tyo and bagel to do really well after the price they got them for. I'm pretty high on them though so I think the Tramplers will be able to be a success, someone lower on them would probably disagree.

2. :marshadow: Thieves :marshadow:
The Thieves have a really interesting team. I think they have a lot of good players and got them for good value, but a lot of them are going have to be put in tiers that aren't as ideal. They also just don't have a DUUer which was a risk I took last year that did not pay off great. Overall though a team full of good value players should do well as long as they're properly supported which I think outside of DUU they will be.

3. :iron_bundle: Cold Crew :iron_bundle:
One of the strongest oldgens core with one of the weakest current gens core as far as this draft goes. I am also concerned with this teams lack of builders, if SMB doesn't have the time to prep multiple tiers they could be in trouble, but if he does and their current gen players surprise me and outperform my expectations they can be a very scary team.

4. :landorus-therian: Lands :landorus-therian:
A lot of these teams seem like they can go either way and just need certain things to hit for them to do well. I think Lands have quite a good SV DOU core mixed with a middle of the pack everything else. This isn't a bad thing as long as every slot can pull their weight and get the wins they're supposed to I think Lands can be a pretty strong overall team.

5. :tinkaton: Cratermakers :tinkaton:
They got a strong core of VGC players that are friends with each other but for what cost. All 4 of them went for a little to a lot more than I thought they would but Animus, Tman and zee create a strong oldgens core as long as they stay motivated/active and Jonas has been doing well in the latest SV ssnl. I honestly might have this team too low because if Jonas and Arctics recent ssnl run can translate to dpl success they should have a pretty strong SV core aswell but I don't know if it will, and if Arctic SVs it leaves them with no BW which could be a problem. If this team can overcome its weaknesses it can win but I don't know if I trust them to do so as much as the teams above them.

6. :serperior: Storms :serperior:
DaWob, yobuddy and Actuarily should get their team wins but the rest of the roster is a bit of a question mark to me on how well they will perform. A lot of the storm players definitely have the ability to do really well but have also had some bad seasons as well, and haven't stood out to me as much recently compared to their peaks giving them this lower ranking. If their players do get in peak form then a win is certainly possible though.

7. :nosepass: Church :nosepass:
I don't think they have as strong of a main core than the other teams and they're relying on a lot of question marks as well from oldheads and unproven players. Nido-Rus is a good player for every gen that can offer a lot of support for these players though so maybe the Church will be able to make it work.

1. :serperior: Storms :serperior:
I remember when I was first getting into DOU, I wondered (as I suppose many people do about other sports), who's the best player? Who's the greatest? So I pulled up the ladder and I looked at the top, and there it was, black and white, Actuarily. I check the viability rankings and top of the council is Actuarily. No matter how you slice it, Actuarily is kind of a nutty player with a strong intuition for both building and playing, and I think he's extremely capable across multiple tiers. Wob is also kind of a huge get, the undisputed king of BW DOU. I also feel like people definitely focus on the YoBuddy pick, and rightfully so, there hasn't been a steal like that since the Bangladesh bank heist. But looking at the rest of this team and honestly, it's clear some Ocean's 11 shit went down here. Between Paraplegic, Shadowmonstr, Singlethunder, and the rest of the squad, you're looking at a team that has more steals than John Dillinger.

2. :landorus-therian: Lands :landorus-therian:
I want to talk about art for a second. I think people misunderstand art. Sometimes when you see a piece of art on the computer it's easy to go, oh, those are doodles. This guy could scribble anything and make that cash. But when you're face to face with 3.5 meters by 7.8 meters of expertly crafted black, blue, and white, the sheer gravitas becomes overwhelming. Truly an emotional experience. Sometimes I feel that way about Pokemon teams. Sure, Eragon can make the traditional teams, but the expertly crafted structure that appears to be crazy chaos at first glance, the insight that comes from a truly unique perspective. I like to think Eragon is a lot like the Picasso of DOU. Miltankmilk is also extremely cool and very very good both as a player as well as a support, and I have nothing but respect for the other players on this team.

3. :tauros: Tramplers :tauros:
I feel like tyo is generally a very solid player all around. Good player with a good game sense. Bage1 is legit kinda nutty, and I feel like with team support, he could go super hard. Yuichi came up with the Zamazenta innovation last gen, which is kind of a big deal honestly -- I know gen 8 dubers is weird to look at but I feel like being able to innovate in a high power weirdass meta, esp if home drops is gonna be a huge deal. Mom Lover loves moms, and I respect that a lot. People sleep on mothers, they're honestly kind of a gamechanger if they play their cards right.

4. :iron_bundle: Cold Crew :iron_bundle:
SMB? hype. Akaru? hype. Amaranth? hype. First name Chris, Last name numbers? hype. THE Platinum God n1n1? platinum hype.

5. :spinda: Sp_ndas :spinda:
I have a huge amount of respect for Nails. I'm aware of the VGC thing but I feel like Nails with less time is still an incredible player. Umbry and Xrn are also legitimately impressive as well. People tell me that Lunar is good and I believe them.

6. :tinkaton: Cratermakers :tinkaton:
I will be honest, I see zee, that's a three letter name. You gotta earn that shit. Jonas? That's a name that you could plug in for Link in Zelda, like an actual name that's less than 5 letters. That's gotta be a good sign. People kept telling me that Tman was a snub during DWCOP and I believe them. xqiht is hype.

7. :marshadow: Spectral Thieves :marshadow:
Croven is an excellent player. I think the others are strong too. No further comments, your honor.

Other managers are free to add their explanations in the replies.

Full votes:

* n1n1 voted in fangame's place
* no manager or other delegate from the Lands sent their power rankings. please don't harass tenzai over this
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